French Home 8 Piece Laguiole Kitchen Knife Set with Wood Block, Rainbow Colors

$ 30.00

Whether carving a roast, chopping vegetables, or slicing a loaf of fresh bread the French Home kitchen knife set is perfect for all your food preparation needs. This set includes a 14'' bread knife, 14'' chef knife, 11'' santoku knife, 10'' cheese knife, 9'' pizza slicer, 8'' paring knife, 14'' carving knife, and 9'' utility knife. The handles of these knives celebrate individuality and inclusivity with bright and vibrant rainbow colors. An attractive wood block serves as storage and display for the knives, showcasing the bright rainbow-colored handles, while also making them easily accessible. These Laguiole designed knives originated in France and are renowned for having a curved handle with three rivets and a bee emblem on its bolster. The bee is a symbol of Napoleon and French royalty. Laguiole is a town in France where this style of cutlery originated in the 1820’s.

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