French Home 8-Piece Laguiole Spreader Set with Mother of Pearl Handles

$ 34.00

Spread creamy salted butter on a baguette, sweet strawberry preserves on a crisp slice of wheat bread, tangy chèvre on a cracker, garlicky hummus on pita, or cream cheese on a bagel with French Home’s set of 8 Laguiole spreaders. The handles of these stunning spreaders in pearlized shades of pewter green, sage, blue, and silvery white add fabulous pops of color to your beautifully set table. These spreaders are dishwasher safe making them as practical as they are elegant. The Laguiole design is renowned for having a three-rivet curved handle with the iconic bee emblem on its bolster symbolizing Napoleon and the French monarchy. This set comes housed in two wood trays, ideal for storage and gift giving.

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