French Home 2-Piece Connoisseur Laguiole Vegetable Knife Set with Olive Wood Handles

$ 63.00

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Julienne the carrots, chiffonade the basil, and prepare the parsnips to be roasted in the oven with French Home’s 2-piece Laguiole vegetable knife set with luxurious natural olive wood handles. Whether you are chopping onions, a cabbage, broccolini, or mincing garlic, this set of peeling knife and vegetable knife are essential in the kitchen. The curved blade of the peeling knife makes it quick and effortless to peel fruits and vegetables including potatoes, apples, and zucchini. The larger vegetable knife is ideal for working with herbs and vegetables of all sizes. The handles of these knives are substantial and comfortable to hold while the blades are made from heavy gauge 2.5mm thick stainless-steel that is solid and durable. The Laguiole design of these knives feature a three-rivet curved handle with etched detailing on the spine and a bee emblem on its bolster symbolizing Napoleon and the French monarchy. This set of Laguiole vegetable knives comes in a very attractive wood box ideal for storage and gift giving.

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