French Home 3 Piece Laguiole Pizza, Tomato, and Cheese Knife Set ,Tuscan Sunset

$ 39.00

Whether you enjoy cooking or consider yourself the ultimate pizza lover, bring out your inner chef  with this versatile set including pizza cutter, tomato knife, and cheese knife. The unique curved blade of the pizza cutter is specifically designed to slice through any pie with ease. The cheese and tomato knives are great for any recipe calling for tomatoes or cheese, making them essential for every kitchen. The handles of this set are reminiscent of the vivid colors of the sunsetting in the heart of Tuscany featuring luxe cream, autumnal apricot, and deep russet red shades. The Laguiole design originated in France and is renowned for having a curved handle with three rivets and a bee on its bolster. The bee is the symbol of Napoleon and the French monarchy. A gorgeous addition to any kitchen, keep this show-stopping set on display for added style! Bring on the pizza party!