French Home Jubilee Cheese Knife, Fork, and Olive Wood Board Set - Shades of Light

$ 62.00

French Home’s Jubilee tableware collection, made in South Africa, takes inspiration from the Zulu word Jabulani, meaning to rejoice or celebrate. Jubilee tableware is a celebration of the rich art of beading and weaving of the Zulu people. This handicraft has evolved into creating an innovative high quality stainless-steel cheese knife and fork that are artistically hand decorated with beautifully colored art wire.

A large portion of the profits from a Jubilee collection purchase goes back to the community of crafters who produce these products. This community is supported and empowered to become part of the global marketplace by Zulu women who use their cultural art heritage to craft this tableware collection at home, while looking after their families and earning an income.

The handles of this stunning cheese knife and fork feature sophisticated and elevated neutrals in shades of creamy ivory, crisp white, and elegant taupe. This set comes paired with a gorgeous and versatile natural olive wood board eco-consciously crafted from the wood of olive trees that are no longer producing olives. Ideal for entertaining, putting together a delicious cheese board, and gift giving.

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