French Home Laguiole Olive Wood Carving Set with Wood Cutting Board

$ 70.00

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Carve turkey, ham, or beef conveniently, easily, and confidently at your next dinner party or festive gathering with French Home's classic and luxurious Laguiole olive wood carving knife and fork set with natural bamboo cutting board. The stainless-steel blades of this fully tanged carving set provide superior durability and easily slice whatever you are carving, while the natural olive wood handles are timeless and beautiful. The accompanying cutting board made from eco-friendly bamboo prevents mess, with a moat to catch and hold all the juices while meat is resting or being carved. The Laguiole designed ergonomic handles of this carving knife and fork are amazingly comfortable to hold and use. Laguiole is a traditional style of knife that originated in France and is renowned for having a three-rivet curved handle with a bee emblem on its bolster. The bee is a symbol of Napoleon and the French monarchy. Laguiole is a town in France where this style originated in the 1820s.

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