French Home Laguiole Set of 4 Spreaders with a 14-inch Olive Wood Cheese Board

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French Home's offers a charming set of 4 Laguiole spreaders in shades of turquoise and coral and a handsome Olive Wood Cutting board creating an exceptional way to serve your soft cheeses and spreads. The spreaders feature the traditional Laguiole design including the curved handle and iconic bee emblem creating a comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced set, accompanied with a 14-inch x 6.5-inch olive wood cutting board. While the Laguiole spreaders are dishwasher safe, washing the cutting board by hand is recommended and periodically wipe with food safe oil to preserve the natural grain. Laguiole is a town in France where this style of cutlery originated, the olive wood board is hand carved from repurposed Olive trees in Tunisia.