French Home Mother of Pearl Colored Chopsticks, Ceramic Rests and Sauce Bowls, Set of 4 Pairs

$ 44.00

Spicy tuna rolls, fresh Alaskan rolls, and bluefin toro sashimi taste better and present elegantly when paired with French Home’s iconic set of four pairs of chopsticks, complete with ceramic soy sauce bowls and rests. This set features chopsticks with handles inspired by mother-of-pearl colors, showcasing stunning shades of pewter, pale blue, seafoam green, and silvery gray, adding fabulous pops of color, while the convenient rests provide the perfect place to rest your chopsticks. The accompanying sauce dish solves the challenge of how to enjoy sushi with soy sauce at home. The chopsticks, rests, and sauce bowls are dishwasher safe and re-usable, making them an eco-friendly way to enjoy sushi, noodles, and some of your favorite Asian dishes.

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