French Home Olive Wood 11-inch Cutting board with a Laguiole Pocket Knife with Cork Screw

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French Home’s Olive Wood cutting board and Laguiole pocket-knife with corkscrew is the optimal bar set. A complete set ideal for slicing a delicious piece of cheese, opening a wonderful bottle of wine and cutting wedges of lemons or limes for the perfect cocktail. The 2.5mm thick blade is made from stainless steel and is 3.5" in length with forged stainless-steel bolsters. The bee emblem on the knife signifies the iconic Laguiole design, which originated in France in the 1820's. The spectacular cutting board is made from Olive Wood grown in the Mediterranean region, featuring a unique grain and is also beautiful and durable. When olive trees can no longer produce olives, the trees are repurposed by craftsmen into functional products. To maintain the beauty of the wood, washing by hand is recommended and periodically rub with food safe oil to preserve the woods natural grain.