French Home Olive Wood 4 Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

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The French Home Olive Wood set of 4 kitchen utensils, is carved out of premium, hand-selected hard wood featuring a tight grain, making it indispensable for cooking. The two stirring spoons, one with a hole are brilliantly designed to access food in the hard to reach corners of Dutch ovens, and the two spatulas, one with holes, are versatile and useful, whatever the cooking task. This set is incredibly useful for whisking, stirring, sautéing and serving. Olive Wood is the best material for cooking utensils as they won't scratch or damage your favorite cookware. Grown and manufactured in the Mediterranean region, olive wood is beautiful and durable. When olive trees can no longer produce olives, the trees are repurposed by craftsmen into functional products. To maintain the beauty of the wood, washing by hand is recommended and periodically rub with food safe oil to preserve the woods natural grain. Transport the allure and functionality of the Mediterranean olive tree into your home.