French Home Set of 4 Laguiole Steak Knives, Shades of Grey

$ 42.00

French Home's traditional and elegant Laguiole steak knives are comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced. Laguiole knives are a traditional style of knife that originated in France and is renowned for having a three rivet curved handle and a Bee emblem on its bolster. The bee is a symbol of Napoleon and the French monarchy. This set features handles in 4 gorgeous shades of grey that provide a chic elegance that will match any décor or table. The 1.8mm stainless steel blades slice effortlessly through steak. These steak knives are dishwasher safe and serrated, so they do not need sharpening. Laguiole is a town in France where this style of cutlery originated in the 1820's. 

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