French Home Set of 4 Laguiole Steak Knives, Wood Grain

$ 42.00

Add a timeless and classic touch to any table setting with French Home’s 4-piece steak knife set in a warm faux wood grain pattern. French Home's traditional and elegant Laguiole design steak knives are comfortable to hold and perfectly balanced. Laguiole knives are a traditional style of knife that originated in France and is renowned for having a three-rivet curved handle and a Bee emblem on its bolster. The bee is a symbol of Napoleon and French monarchy. These steak knives feature handles in a faux wood grain pattern giving it the look of a rich wood grain while being dishwasher safe. The 1.8mm stainless steel blades effortlessly slice through steak and are serrated, so they do not need to be sharpened. Laguiole is a town in France where this style of cutlery originated in the 1820's.