French Home Set of 6 Laguiole Connoisseur Assorted Wood Steak Knives(LG006)

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French Home's set of 6 traditional and elegant Connoisseur Laguiole steak knives with the iconic three rivet curved handle and French bee on the bolster. Each knife handle is made of different wood; Olive, Walnut, Wenge, Oak, Rosewood and Merbau. Our knives are perfectly weighted, have excellent cutting blades, fit comfortably in your hand and feature fully tanged 2.5mm blades which are substantially more solid and sturdy than other Laguiole knives. Laguiole knives are used and enjoyed in some of the best French steak houses. Laguiole is a town in southern France where this style of knife was designed in the 1820s. The set comes in an attractive box, ideal for storage, making them the perfect gift. 

8.75"L x 0.5"W x 0.5"H


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